Small changes have made a big impact…

“Firstly I want to say a massive “thank you” for choosing me to be your case study. It was great to be dealing with someone who had been overweight and knew all the pitfalls and cheats that everyone who has ever dieted has been through. I have undertaken many, diets over the years, some good and some very bizarre. I have had great success at losing weight but had equally great success at putting it all back on, plus a bit more.

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“When we had our first meeting and we discussed Mindful Eating in detail I will admit I was a little sceptical, couldn’t imagine how it would be possible to eat normally, lose weight and feel well all at the same time. However, I worked with all the fantastic information you gave me, even through Christmas, and I can honestly say it wasn’t difficult at all. The initial weight loss was slow but gathered momentum as the weeks went by.

“The small changes to the way I eat and when I eat has made a big impact on my health and general well-being. I no longer have a bloated tummy, my digestion problems have disappeared.  I have much more energy and no longer feel the need for a nap after lunch,  which means I get a full night of restorative sleep and wake up feeling great. Best of all I lost 10lbs whilst working with you but by continuing to Eat Mindfully I have continued to lose more and hopefully will hit my self imposed target before I go off on my big trek in April.

“Your FACT sheets are a great source of information, I keep them in my kitchen and use them just to prompt me in the right direction when I am in a rush. Even my husband reads them and uses the info.

“A lot of my friends are now commenting on my weight loss and asking “what diet are you on”, they are very surprised when I tell them I am not dieting. I have recommended you to several people. I wish you every success going forward with this venture, and I will keep you up to date with my progress.

A truly grateful Rosemary.”