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Since Lori starting writing her Mindful Eating posts and posting photos of the meals she has, something has clicked in my own head! I have always been an emotional comfort eater through stress at home or at work – eating naughty stuff made me better – for while then I’d regret it later. So when I started to read Lori’s posts there were bits of it I could relate to, thinking to myself this is me, so slowly I made a slight change. For me it was to stop snacking and have 3 good meals a day and yes, I do have a treat ( as I call it) a day. A week and half later I began to feel a little different , my tummy seemed to be flatter – so I weighed myself (something which I hate doing), I have lost 2kgs in weight!! I was and I still am in shock! I have struggled to lose weight the last few years, I’ve used apps, calorie counted, does the macros, slimming clubs etc – without much success. So Lori, I want to thank you for your fabulous posts and photos – it’s been keeping me going and I feel I’m in more control of my food choices.

Reena Saroya