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There was a time when I stuffed my face on a daily basis with junk food and unhealthy snacks. I would mindlessly overeat just to fill what I call an emotional hole.

When I started working with Lori, I slowly began to change my eating habits. I started by paying attention to what I was actually eating and focused on just having three nutritional meals a day. Lori encouraged me to allow time between my subconscious telling me to eat and my conscious mind deciding if I was actually hungry, and did my body really need it. This part for me has taken the longest but I really do feel that it has clicked into place.

Syns/calorie counting are now thankfully, not a part of my life. I try to eat colorful and nutritious food, stop when I am full and above all really learnt to taste the food that I am eating.

Thank you Lori, your support and guidance has been invaluable.