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woman measuring her waistSometimes reading a book or someone’s blog is all very well but we just can’t seem do it on our own.  We need to be supported personally to achieve our goals.  It’s satisfying to have someone to talk to about your issues and the journey you’ve been on, to have a person to report in to or to praise your successes;  someone to give you advice on what to eat and when and to help you through the difficult times.  Importantly, it has to be someone who understands what you’re going through and how difficult it can be.   This is what my personal coaching can offer you.

“Syns/calorie counting are now thankfully, not a part of my life. I try to eat colourful and nutritious food, stop when I am full and above all have really learnt to taste the food that I am eating.  Thank you Lori, your support and guidance has been invaluable.”  Charlotte

My ethos is very strongly that the way to lasting weight loss and management is not through ‘dieting’.  I believe in a natural, nutritious and mindful approach to eating – eating the best food we can, in the right portion sizes to satisfy us.    I also believe strongly in learning to trust our physical (hunger) and not emotional cues.  I am anti the counting of calories or points and the weighing of food also, as I believe that these can lead to an unhealthy obsession and disordered eating.

Ideally you will take up the option of a nutritional assessment where a scientific analysis of what and how much you are eating allow us to really help you reach optimum health and promote weight loss.  After the initial food & mood diary to make this possible,  I will never ask you to count calories or track your food.


The sessions then develop into supporting these changes into a comfortable relationship with food.  I encourage natural weight loss and lasting change through education of which foods are more nutritiously valuable and which less so.  We will also explore different ways of cooking and preparing.

The big thing which will help you is that I have been to the darkest places of a disordered relationship with food, which means I can relate to your issues and help you break free.
I have over 15 years’ experience as a business coach so I know the coaching process, I am NLP qualified (neuro-linguistic-programming) as well as having a long experience of coaching in behavioural psychology.  I am a qualified consultant in nutrition and behavioural change and I ‘get’ people and how they relate to food and eating.

So what next?

I run my clinic from Physio & Health Matters in Ross on Wye.  You can find details of how to book here:  or I offer coaching over Skype or FaceTime if you’re not local to me.  Just drop me a quick note and I’ll get back to you.  

Sample nutrition report

Client testimonials appear regularly on the site to give you an idea of the successful work I’ve done.

I look forward to supporting you.

Lori  x