get your head in the right place

woman wearing blue jacket

This is the absolutely the crux of the matter.  No amount of food planning, cupboard clearing or fresh starts are going to create lasting change unless your head is in the right place to embrace lasting change.

Freedom from overeating means creating a psychology that is in the PRESENT.  No looking back (ever!) and not much looking into the future either.  One meal at a time, one day at a time, no big future targets or deadlines, just a relaxed relationship with preparing and eating lovely, nutritious food.  The mental stability and weight loss will take care of itself – I promise.

To adopt the new eating framework you need:

  • to really want to change what you’ve been doing so far
  • to be prepared to give up some stuff you used to eat
  • to identify your own personal triggers

To make the above possible you need:

  • to build a strong visual ideal of who you want to be
  • to create a process which helps you deal with your own personal ‘greedy gremlin’ (blog article to follow!)
  • to focus on yourself and not on others’ behaviours, choices or comments
  • to believe that it is possible to unlearn the behaviour that has plagued you for however many years

To help ourselves to do all this you need:

  • to find new activities which will distract you and change your focus when temptation is in the way of our success
  • to gain support from those around you.  Friends and family can provide you with essential encouragement.  But it is important to recognise that they can also be judgemental, negative and, sadly unsupportive.  Sometimes this is based on jealousy and lack of understanding or empathy. Your new approach to eating may also be unwelcome because the change in you encourages others to reflect on their own relationship with food, or their weight or health, for which they may not be ready.  Just remember, it is YOUR journey and what they think of your approach is, frankly, none of your business 🙂