Trust, belief and a little sunshine…


Well how lovely is this?  I’ve been awarded the Sunshine Blogger accolade by my awesome and highly entertaining blogger buddy Jo Davies.  You can find her at and on Instagram as Midlife Highway.  The award is given by bloggers to bloggers for spreading some happiness and words of wisdom to make all our lives easier and more enjoyable.

I think the last time I was awarded anything was at school for an English essay, having failed miserably to achieve anything of any consequence anywhere else – swimming pool, sports field or science lab.  I’ve loved working with words since that time…  What is particularly satisfying is to be recognised for the social media and blogging efforts to help others in their mindful eating and nutritional journeys.  Whilst I throw out some style and lifestyle posts now and again, fundamentally this is where my heart and focus lie.  Our relationship with food is a tricky and serious topic for many people but with a little trust and belief we can make it better.  I do try to keep the info light and accessible – sadly, there’s enough heavy and depressing stuff available in the daily news.

Instagram has been quite a revelation actually and this novice blogger has gone from feeling that anonymous likes were somehow a bit weird to loving the comments which I receive from people;  those who are touched in some small way by what I say and by the food photos I post (I’m learning to do this part better dayJo Davies by day!).   I’m so glad to met new like-minded people including the marvellous Jo.  She lives in the Cotswolds, in a beautiful part of England and has something funny or meaningful to say about so much in modern, mid-life.  Her posts are uplifting but never in a preachy or patronising way and they make you both laugh and reflect.  She has that light touch which makes you come back for more.  I had the great fortune to meet her in person, so not only is she a virtual IG friend, she is also very real to me and I can see her now, all smiley, sitting in front of a big healthy sandwich at my local café.  I recall that at the time she was debating how best to tackle the eating of it!

So, the Sunshine Blogger award invites the recipients to answer some carefully chosen questions so here are my responses to Jo’s Q’s:

Who is your hero?

I have reflected on this for a few days.  The simple answer is that I don’t have one hero.  I have many friends and family whom I respect and admire for their kindness, success in the face of health or financial adversity, for their career achievements or for their views on the world which enrich mine and at times, keep my feet firmly on the ground.

Do you have a skill or talent that we don’t know about?

I don’t think many of my IG or blog readers know about my singing.  I trained as a classical singer and have performed in operas, concerts and musicals since I was 16.  It has been such a thrill to be able to open my lungs and fill a space in front of people (yes I like a spot of showing off now and again) and the feeling is really incomparable – when that note finds the perfect spot and comes out of you with real ease.  I don’t sing as much now because it’s not so easy to manage with work commitments and there are fewer opportunities here than when I lived in Berkshire.  However, I did throw a charity concert in the village church last year which went down very well and raised not a bad bag of money either.  Very satisfying.

I’m also a very keen crochet queen, making blankets and garments as a much needed way to relax.  It’s everywhere, especially in my little caravan which I hire out on Airbnb.

What is the best thing you have found since setting up your blog?

That I really have something to offer people through my own life experience – it’s still a ‘pinch myself’ fact.  Also, how much communicating with others keeps me accountable for my own life and eating management.  I am very conscious of the responsibility I have created.   I’ve also learned a great deal more about nutrition and the wider anti-diet world through following professionals’ accounts.  So, it’s a big triple bonus!

What is your favourite food and your worst food?

If I had to pick one food to eat for the rest of my life, desert island type scenario, then that would be chicken pad thai.  I love the flavour of the traditional sauce and the mixture of textures of noodles and beansprouts.  Add a spot of veg and it seems to have it all, to my mind.

My worse food is gravy – ever since my paternal grandmother poured a jug full over my Sunday roast when I was 8 I have loathed it.   Simple!

My nominations:

In turn, I would like to nominate the following IG friends and bloggers:

SarahMeadowsStyle – Sarah is quirky and a chatty Instagrammer.  With gorgeous photos and lively comment, I enjoy all that she posts.

Jeninspiredpnw – Jen is, as her IG name suggests, an inspiring entrepreneurial woman who has had her own struggles which she shares candidly. She lives in a beautiful part of the States and features photos of herself among wild and woods. She’s now a health professional. Her blog is at:

Deana.morris – a lovely therapist and yoga teacher on IG and with her own website: She has a compassionate desire to make life easier. I really love her easy posts and her practical approach.

Theenvy_ – IG confidence to wear whatever she likes. Crazy and colourful. She also recycles and uses second hand clothing which I greatly admire. Sustainability and style combined. She makes me feel very cheerful!

SimpleHealthnut – she’s an over 50 like me.  Full of cheer with lovely style and humour.  UK born but living in the US.  She has so much interesting stuff to offer on IG and her blog, on nutrition, eating choices and recipe ideas, always with lovely photography.  Blog:

SusieWright  – Susie is a lovely, warm stylist whose IG fashions suggestions are so wearable.  I also love the wider style info on her site.  Blog:

Here are the guidelines to my nominees:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you, follow and include a link back to their IG/blog
  2. Answer the questions given by the person who nominated you (mine are below)
  3. Nominate other blogs and give questions for them to answer
  4. Notify your nominees through social media
  5. List these rules and display the sunshine blogger award in your post

Here are my questions for my Sunshine Blogger nominees:

  1. Given all the time and money in the world what new skill would you learn & why?
  2. Is there any of your life decisions you would reverse or change, given the power?
  3. If you came back as an animal what animal would you be & why?
  4. What is the greatest joy in your modern life?


Thanks everyone for reading, following, posting and supporting.    The ‘mindful eating lori’ venture is such a great new chapter in this woman’s life…

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