Helping you find a happy life with food


Hi!  My name is Lori and I am in my late fifties, living in rural Herefordshire in England.

I set up ‘mindful eating lori’  by accident, inspired by my own success of conquering decades of disordered eating.  I found a real passion growing inside me to help others to rid themselves of an unhappy life around food.  I now help many people with disordered eating habits and behaviours to change their eating patterns for good and to lose weight naturally, without restriction, tracking or counting.  I help people who need to lose weight for medical reasons or who just want to be more healthy in their food choices.   I can help you get off the destructive dieting wagon so that you can learn to trust yourself to find an intuitive way of eating.  Living is more fulfilling if you can find a happy life with food.

My own experiences mean that I understand much about where you might be at the moment.  I know what it is to feel really terrible because of ‘bad’ food choices ithat have seemed impossible to resist;  I know the disappointment of failing on yet another new eating regime.  I recognise all the lack of confidence, voices in your head, your guilt and your shame.  I understand how upsetting it is to let the weight get out of control through being disconnected with what we’re eating and the destruction of being lost in a negative pattern of eating behaviour.  I have been there and experienced it all.

I am now a qualified Nutrition Advisor, a consultant in Behavioural Change and a licensed practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming.  This means that I can give you sound advice about eating in a balanced, healthy way and support you with the thinking to make this change lasting.     I’ve been a business coach for over 15 years and I use these skills to coach and support people in a friendly and non-judgemental way.

I look forward to being able to help you…   Lori x